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Tell Me Something Sweet Bakery

History of Tell Me Something Sweet

A Multi-Generational Story Of Sweet Secrets

Kevin Ford, founder of Tell Me Something Sweet, was born into a family legacy of cooking and baking as a way of showing love and hospitality not only to family members but also to the community. His earliest memories are filled with wonderful smells coming from the kitchen as various dishes and desserts were made from scratch for large family events or Sunday dinners.

His maternal grandmother, Magnolia Dawson became a wife and mother at the young age of eighteen. She was well known for her southern hospitality, immaculate housekeeping, beautiful table settings and excellent cooking. She was constantly baking delectable cakes and scrumptious pies to share with family and friends in the community. Over the years she cooked and baked for many, and even opened her doors to feed the hungry during the Great Depression. Magnolia hosted large gatherings and was always known for her baking, most especially her pound cakes.

What started in Magnolia, was continued by her daughter Dolores as she incorporated her mother’s techniques and learned new ones of her own. She became quite skillful at baking various desserts that many people loved.

Kevin found himself thrown into the beautiful world of baking at a young age, with the skilled guidance of his grandmother Magnolia. With her at his side, Kevin’s very first cream cheese pound cake was a resounding success, and he has been baking ever since. Kevin’s love for cooking and his unique skillset grew over the years as he continued to develop as a baker.

With the influence of two generations of baking, it is no wonder that Kevin developed a love for home-style baked goods – especially pound cakes, which became his favorite dessert. From this legacy was born a baking business, and with the encouragement and support of his wife Candace, Kevin knew that no better tribute could be made to his grandmother and mother than to establish Mag & D’s Gourmet Pound Cakes.

However, Kevin soon found himself baking and selling a lot more than just pound cakes. Everyone began to ask for his brownies, bars, pies, and breakfast baked goods as well. As his sales expanded product by product, he decided to choose a name that encompassed the wide range of products he was able to offer. It was then that he remembered the affectionate phrase that Candace would sometimes ask him, “Tell Me Something Sweet.”

These third-generation recipe sweets are now shipped nationwide as friends, couples, family members & communities “tell each other something sweet”, giving the gift of gathering around good old-fashioned, home-baked sweets.

Freshly Baked

Every order is made FRESH as soon as it is placed. We use real ingredients like butter, sugar, eggs and flour! And of course, we always add a pinch of love to make it taste just right. Every bite will melt in your mouth the way it should!


Choose your delivery option. We suggest that you opt in for next day delivery so that your baked goods arrive as fresh as possible, but the good news is that our products freeze, hold, and thaw perfectly. Saving them for later? No problem!

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Whether it is a gift for yourself, your friends, family, the office, or your community, the more the merrier! More sweets equals more memories over shared breakfasts, cakes, pies, pound cakes, and other delightful desserts. Sharing is caring!

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