Speaker Full Name:
Claire Billingsley

Spouse name:
Speaker Session Title:
Lightness in Leadership
Speaker Session Synopsis:
In this fun, fast-paced session, this workshop demonstrates how to adapt different leadership styles to the demands of any situation, requirements of the people involved, or the challenges facing the organization. Whether you are leading a group at work, leading your family at home, or leading a book club, you will leave the session more confident and empowered to be an effective, inspirational leader. By using improvisational comedy techniques, Claire demonstrates how “lightening up” any leadership style can help you communicate more clearly, encourage creativity, and build trust. Come ready to laugh and learn! Claire will provide a download before the session to help you prepare. In it you will evaluate your current leadership style, think about what it is about your leadership style that is currently working, as well as thinking about what things you would like to change, by choosing different actions to create different results.