Speaker Full Name:
Beverly Fell Jones

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Speaker Session Title:
Self-Sabotage to Self-Empowerment
Speaker Session Synopsis:
There are certain beliefs that we all have grown developed, whether forced to learn or picked up along our journey in life, that act as a wall, or a block to success. Wherever they may have originated they are limiting, restrictive and extremely harmful to excelling and experiencing a life of pure freedom. In this session, you will be focusing on how you may be sabotaging your success, and ways to turn it into empowered living. These areas include relationships, health, and/or abundance. By the end of the session you will: 1. identify at least one limiting belief that is holding you hostage. 2. learn how to remove old patterns, thoughts or behaviors that have kept your abundance program from going into full swing. 3. learn the “The Prime Directive”tm meditation to “Ask” for what you want and set your intentions in harmony with all that you desire!