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It's easy to get started:

  1. create a FREE Account with Apricot Rocket and
  2. tell us what products or services you offer.

We will match you with people looking for the products or services you offer.

When we find a match you can preview the Lead.

To contact the Lead you can purchase it with RKTT Tokens, or U$D.

You can earn RKTT Tokens by taking a short survey... tell us about yourself.

You can earn more RKTT Tokens if you tell us about Products / Services you want.

We will match your wants with vendors offering what you want.


Visit the Apricot Rocket Marketplace and spend RKTT Tokens. We have a growing list of Vendors offering products and services who will take full or partial payment in RKTT Tokens.

Partial list of products / services you can purchase with RKTT Tokens:

  1. Printer Inks and Toners
  2. Business Book Synopsis
  3. Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans
  4. Carpet Cleaning Services
  5. Language Training Courses
  6. Language Translation Services
  7. Handyman Services
  8. Cleaning Services for Home or Office


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