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What to you get for free?

  1. Upload unlimited records... no limit.
  2. Customizable... create as many custom fields as you wish.
  3. Quick search... find individual records quickly
  4. Comments... store unlimited comments about conversations.
  5. Track Sales Status... create your own custom sales stages.
  6. Reminder Notices... create individual reminder notices... stay alerted about important upcoming events and next contact dates.

NOTE: To increase security all new account applicants are contacted
by phone to verify their identity prior to account activation.

How do we make money?

We charge $25/mo. for the Pro Upgrade which is required if you want to send emails and unlock additional functionality. You also receive 2,500 RKTT Tokens each month with your payment.

What are additional functionalities and what do they cost?

After you Upgrade to Pro additional functionalities can be paid for with RKTT Tokens. Here is a list of the additional functionalities:

  1. Send Email - 1 RKTT Token per Email Sent. Each time you send an email the system deducts 1 RKTT Token. Bulk emails cost 1 RKTT Token per email in the bulk send.
  2. Community (Membership) Module - 2,500 RKTT Tokens per month
  3. Marketing Automation Tools Module - 2,500 RKTT Tokens per month.
  4. Shopping Cart Module - 2,500 RKTT Tokens per month to add Products and view Orders. The basic Shopping Cart module becomes functional upon Upgrade to Pro, but you must pay an additional 2,500 RKTT Tokens per month if you want to sell products or services through the cart.
  5. Sub-Users - each Sub-User costs 2,500 per month. Sub-Users can log into your account to help you manage the system. You can control access permission for each Sub-User.

Purchase / Earn / Sell RKTT Tokens

RKTT Tokens are a sort of Crypto Currency unique to the Apricot Rocket system.

Here is how you get more RKTT Tokens:

  1. Purchase - you can purchase RKTT Tokens in the Token Market. Apricot Rocket sells Tokens at the price of 100 Tokens for $1.00. Tokens may be offered by other Account Owners at any price they wish... undercutting the Apricot Rocket price.
  2. Earn - there are a variety of ways to earn tokens:
    1. Each New Account receives 1,000 RKTT Tokens.
    2. Each time you Log into your Account you receive 10 RKTT Tokens, up to a maximum of 50 per day.
    3. Encourage people to user your Referral Link to create a new Account with Apricot Rocket... earn 1,000 RKTT Tokens for each new verified Account.
    4. Answer Survey Questions... earn up to 15,000 RKTT Tokens by answering Survey Questions.
    5. Purchase Rewards... Vendors on the Apricot Rocket system may offer RKTT Tokens as a reward for purchasing products and or services.
  3. Sell - If you accumulate a large number of RKTT Tokens and want to sell some you can Sell your excess RKTT Tokens on the Token Market.

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