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Sweet Legacies

the legacy

Sweet Legacies began nearly 100 years ago in the kitchen of a young homemaker, Cora Luther. Cora's passion for food, family and friends made for a truly delightful combination. That which began as mere acts of kindness soon flourished into a booming business as local townspeople soon found the drive past Cora's house to be quite irresistible! The alluring aroma of chocolate and warm pastries welcomed you, while Cora's warm hospitality kept you. It was not uncommon for her to invite you to pull up a chair and enjoy a cup of tea while becoming the lucky taste-tester of her latest creation. 

Years later, endowed with her mother's confectionary skills, Cora's daughter Vera opened up a culinary workshop where she shared the family secrets to packed out classrooms teaching the art of Chocolates and candy making. Vera became an inspiration to many aspiring chocolatiers. One such dreamer was her own daughter, Amy.

Amy gleefully began her own culinary journey at the young age of 5. Whether covered in flour in Granny's kitchen or licking chocolate off her fingers in mom's classroom, she knew that there was no where else she'd rather be. 

Upon reaching adulthood, Amy too was moved by the shameless begging of friends and neighbors and began selling her specialty chocolates and baked goods in 1989.

In addition to owning her own European style bakery called Cafe Chocolat', located in Colleyville, Texas, Amy has also personally sold her chocolates and pastries at local markets in both Hawaii and Colorado. Amy's chocolates have also been a holiday feature at many upscale gift shops across the nation including Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom's and Macy’s. One of her most proud moments was when she was asked to supply corporate gifts for the Denver Broncos. 

Amy has returned to her roots, to Dallas/Ft. Worth, with exciting anticipation for what is to come!   Amy returns with fresh creativity and a desire to help her children and grandchildren, carry on this family tradition and keep this sweet legacy alive!


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