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Our goal is simple. We provide professional services that are priced in line with the realistic value that is provided, rather than confirming to the traditional model of charging a fee simply because that is what the prevailing practice would indicate is the norm.

At a fundamental level we believe that the old model of Real Estate Sales is obsolete. The old model is that a commission of 6% is charged to the Home Seller by Real Estate Agents and Brokers. 3% is allocated to the Sellers Listing Agent and another 3% is allocated to the Buyers Agent. These commissions are paid out of the fees charged to the Seller when the sales closes.

The traditional model has been around for the better part of the last 100 years. Prior to the arrival of the Internet this was a reasonable fee to charge based on the work that was required. With the advent of the Internet things changed. It has become progressively easier to for both Sellers and Buyers to list and purchase homes. The work performed by Real Estate Agents has changed from being primarily focused on marketing to a much more advisory role. Selling a home is still a complex task, however, matching buyers and sellers is no longer the dominant value that Real Estate Agents bring to the process.


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