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Musgrove Family Farm

Our farm has found the secret to growing and maintaining thousands of flourishing Lavender plants very unique to the East Texas area.

We offer some of the freshest and most beautiful bundles of lavender and produce the most fragrant essential oil for our products during harvest available in the area. Grown right here in Greenville texas. It is very rare to have a successful lavender farm producing locally with commercial quantities of lavender because east Texas weather and soil are too harsh for this crop, but we have a thriving field of plants , each filled with hundreds of fabulous purple spikes during the early to mid summer months. Follow us on Facebook.

We also grow specialty mushrooms for the local Dallas area
Musgrove Family Farm grows, sells, and delivers to our wholesale clients the freshest and most unique mushrooms to some of the finest restaurants in our local area. We grow Shiitake, Maitake, King Oyster, varieties of Oysters, Lion's Mane, and more.

So why get mediocre products that are days old when Musgrove Family Farm can supply you with fresh unique products at reasonable prices, delivered to your establishment.

Let us help you grow your business. Have satisfied customers with fresh local products that are not overpriced but are competitive with anyone else. Don't pay extra for delivery, Have fresh beautiful products delivered to you with no delivery fee. Plus we will deliver to you when you need the product. Most times we can get the product to you in hours or by the next day. So  lets grow your business. We are all about service.


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$200.00 Guarantee

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