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Lone Timber Woodworking

Woodworker on Wheels

I’m an ex-pilot, DFW based woodworker just rolling with that life throws at me after losing my mobility in a motorcycle accident in 2017. I’ve turned my love for creating things from scratch into a career that allows me to incorporate multiple materials and styles to design truly custom creations. I’m always up for the challenge of combining rustic, industrial, and modern aspects of décor to build pieces as unique as you can imagine. From melding metal, wood, high voltage and epoxy work, there are never two pieces quite the same. My pieces are designed to share your style and elevate your home.

Have a custom project you’d like me to take on? Contact me today and we will make it happen!

High Voltage Electricity Burning (Lichtenberg Burning )

Although the technical term is "Lichtenberg Figures", I prefer to use the term high voltage burning  to describe my work since it's bit more descriptive of the process. Wood isn't a natural conductor of electricity, but a baking soda and water solution applied to the surface facilitates the burning process. As the high voltage electricity travels between the positive and negative leads, the burn patterns pick up speed and get closer together until the circuit is completed. No two pieces will ever be identical due to the erratic nature of the path the electricity follows. This technique is extremely dangerous and requires an abundance of skill, knowledge, and caution to safely incorporate into these pieces of art. 


Other Furniture Related Product Manufacturing

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