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David N McCullough CPA PC

We all know what a home page should look like: A group  picture of the partners (my, aren’t we a good-looking bunch?), pictures of the office (don’t worry, our overhead has no impact on your fees – trust me), and lots of magic descriptive words like hard-working, dedicated, professional, aggressive, responsive, client focused, yada yada). That’s not happening here.

So, why are you here? Choose from one of these:

For the first time in my life, I think I need a CPA

Congratulations. Life is not as simple as it used to be. You’ve got some combination of jobs, health issues, retirement accounts, kids who need cars and college, day-to-day stresses, a business with customers, vendors, employees and all their issues, and a limit of 24 hours per day. Oh yes – taxes too. Many practitioners can help you with taxes – but take a look at the bigger picture.

I have a CPA, but I’m not happy

Several issues are common: 

CPA is not responsive to me Take a look in the mirror, buddy
I send in my information early, but only get a response on the day of the deadline I wish I could cram a year’s work into three and a half months too
Every year, a different (brand new) staff person works on my return and I end up training their staff person. You try hiring and keeping good staff in this environment…


Here’s my diagnosis: If you’re reading this, you aren’t happy. You can try therapy, but chances are, one of you (probably you) is more invested in the relationship than the other.

There’s a better way. Let’s meet, examine what’s important, evaluate what’s possible, come up with a plan, and implement the solutions to achieve it. I’ll also explain how we’ll frame the relationship to overcome the common issues.

I just got a letter from the IRS that says I owe $397,688 (true story)

It actually turns out the (previous) CPA didn’t report the sale of a personal residence, and that generated the IRS letter. Even better – when we filed the amended return, the client got a refund for overlooked higher education credits.


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