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Colour IQ

Founded by Personal Image Expert Julie Thurburn,

Colour IQ Personal Image Expert Julie Thurburn has a single mission for increasing the ‘you only better’ personal style and branding results of our clients. 

For almost 30 years, clients have experienced an inside-out transformation that results in a deeper confidence that leads to increased revenues and better personal relationships.

We also work with emerging entrepreneurs. Our clients give us credit for launching branding photos marked with a personal style to help generate immediate sales.

Colour IQ. We know how to turn you into your most valuable resource by listening to you and walking you through the process.

You’re the face of your company.

We help you outdress your competition.

When you’re in the public eye, you want to know exactly what to wear, even for your photo sessions. We offer three levels of service – posing strategy, guide you through what to wear, and style you during your photos.

You’re living the dream.

We help you dress for it.

Ready for a wardrobe that matches your new shape or lifestyle? Personal Image Expert Julie Thurburn and her team update your head-to-heel sense of style, ensuring your first dates and travel bags reflect a renewed sense of adventure. We offer in-person packages, virtual services, and a personalized phone app to keep it all organized and handy.


it’s easy to get dressed; the hard part is knowing what to wear for every occasion.


increased confidence comes with feeling empowered to go for the results you want.

you’ll have energy and focus to generate more revenue – essentially turning your wardrobe into a goldmine


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$500.00 Guarantee


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