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24 Hour Physicians

Randall Mills
Chief Executive Officer

Randall Mills serves as our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Healthcare Now, Inc.  Previously, he was COO of CallMD and CIO at Axes Technologies. He retired as Director of Decision Sciences for CitiCapital, a division of Citigroup, and was a member of the Citigroup Credit Committee. Randall was recruited by Associates First Capital and was involved in initiating an IPO, which resulted in an acquisition by Citigroup.

Randall received an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Management from Missouri State University. 


Patrick Kerwin
Chief Revenue Officer

Patrick Kerwin has spent a career in developing recurring revenue solutions and is employed with us as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Patrick has operated businesses using recurring revenue models for over 20 years.  Patrick worked for General Motors as chief negotiator and part of the  management team at Vauxhall Motors in the UK and previously worked at IBM, Accenture, and several IT startups.  

Patrick holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, and a BS from UC Berkeley.



Health Care and Social Assistance
Offices of Physicians

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